Archives Day

The fift edition of the Archives day will take place on Friday, April 27, 2018 at La Maison de la Madone, Trois-Rivières (Cap-de-la-Madeleine). The theme will be: The value of religious archives.

Programming and registration period to come
(more information from January 2018).

Quebec's religious archives heritage requires equal attention than other forms of religious heritage. It is the product and witness the passing of time, and thus it is our heritage: our memory. This heritage frequently reminds us in various forms at various occasions and sometimes without us even suspected his presence. Therefore it is up to us, collectively, to ensure that this vast heritage is preserved, and content transmitted and explained to future generations. The Québec Religious Heritage Council Archives Committee is involved in the protection and enhancement of this vast heritage, including by holding the Religious Archives Days.


Past Events

4th Edition of the Religious Archives Day / April 15th, 2016, BAnQ Vieux-Montréal
L'accessibilité aux archives religieuses: du droit à la pratique
This fourth edition brought together 90 participants from different regions of Quebec, who shared with the speakers of the conferences and workshops.
An event that most likely will return for a 5th edition!
Detailled program

3rd Edition of the Religious Archives Day / May 16, 2014, Sherbrooke Seminary
Accessibility and Transmission of Religious Archives: What? Why? For who? How?
Like the first day, the religious archives professionals responded in great numbers to the call of the Committee. Indeed, 70 participants traveled to the heart of the Eastern Townships to hear ten speakers articulate a reflection on the major issues that framed the Day: What ? Why ? For who ? How ? 
Detailled program

2nd Edition of the Religious Archives Day / April 19, 2013, Museum of Civilization, Quebec
Archives and religious communities: tools to pave the way forward.

The second day dedicated to religious archives was held April 19, 2013 at the Museum of Civilization in Quebec under the theme Tools to pave the way of the future. Like the first day , the professionals of the religious archives responded in great numbers to the call of the Committee. Indeed, 110 participants have moved to the Capital to hear speakers talk about ten legal tools to frame the choices facing ecclesiastical institutions to perpetuate their memory. 
Detailed program

1st Edition of the Religious Archives Day / April 18, 2012, Montréal
Archives and religious communities: Situation and possible solutions for the future
It is in a room full that took place the first Religious Archives Day, which aimed to address solutions and preferred choice by some religious communities to ensure a sustainable future for their archives, as well as to facilitate the establishment of a network of exchanges between stakeholders with similar issues.
The Religious Archives Committee thanks the 120 participants of this first Religious Archives Day that have expressed generosity and dynamism throughout the event.
Conference Report